Botanical Beauties & Beasties

Spiral 4x6 Memo Pad, Jolie

Jolie lives in the Meadows. She is passionate about exploring and promoting herbals and their uses for medicinal means and for beauty. She runs a shop in Meadowville to serve both purposes.  (Columbine (Aquilegia)

Spiral Notepads are bound with black spiraling and finished off with a laminated cover – they’ll hold up against everyday wear and tear.

Black spiral binding along the top. 40 interior pages. 

Cover: Printed on Classic Felt press paper.
  Classic Felt press paper  It is an acid free, archival and Forest Stewardship Council certified paper.   130# Cover
Interior Pages: Printed on luxurious text paper
 Classic Felt finish as the cover paper but in a text stock weight  100# TextBOTH: made of 30% recycled content.
Back:  Black poly cover back

Greeting Cards


The Botanical Beauties & Beasties are delighted to see you here. We are Art with a message of Kindness, to each other, oneself and the planet. ----------------- Please understand that at times if I am out of stock on an card image I will email you and see if suitable alternative images can be used. Thanks.