Botanical Beauties & Beasties

You made it! Congratulations for joining us here at Botanical Beauties and Beasties- Eco Conscious whimsical creatures promoting a sustainable earth.

The purpose of the Botanicals is to educate and spread the message of “green."

The hope of the Botanicals is to get into the hearts of minds of the public.

The mantra of the land is environmental consciousness and living green and promoting a sustainable earth in this modern world.

What you will see in the Botanical Beauties and Beasties is a love of art, illustration, flowers, horticultural and whimsy.  

These “Botanicals” are all created from my imagination and each one is an original image. They all start with a garden photo. Due to the magic of art, vision, inspiration and a computer they are born onto a piece of digital paper and join the Community of Botaniumus- where Eco Conscious whimsical creatures promote a sustainable earth. A community of whimsy & (mostly) beautiful creatures. Beasty or beauty is surely in the eye and mind of the beholder! I hope you find them all fun, intriguing, dignified and enchanting. We hope you will be draw into and delighted by the community that has taken over our hearts. Begun as a playful whim this art has captured us and begs for more and more and that’s completely OK!  It is a joy fuse our love of photography, gardens and digital imaging all into one place. Human eyes and the camera lens capture the broad to the microscopic. The message is clear to us here Botanical beauties and Beasties and it is  pay attention! Little details DO matter – in ones’ own life and in the environment

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Welcome to Botaniumus. Hope you enjoy!


The Botanical Beauties & Beasties are delighted to se you here. Eco Art with a cause. Browse and hope you enjoy!

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